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Thinking of surfing Costa Rica this year? on TripAdvisor’s list of the top “things to do” on Dominical Costa Rica, two different Surf spots hold the #1 and #2 positions! One of the spots promises to take you from being a “never ever” to “intermediate” level surfer in just a couple days. Both groups are run by licensed instructors who are there for one reason: to help you have fun! Those who arrive as intermediate surfers will be taken to different surf spots where you’ll surf everything from point breaks to big beach breaks.

Surfing Costa Rica will be a decision you will hold in high regard for a lifetime.

Our core values are dedicated to giving you the best service in paradise. Our team delivers the most outstanding personalized experience possible. We work hard to maintain our values and deep commitment to each of our guests. With a private tour guide, private chef, concierge services and more we are confident you will want to come back.

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